Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tonight Will Be A Challenge

As you know, I'm going to the Hunger Games tonight which means little time for me to write. But, I'll just take it as a challenge that I hope to accomplish rather than have my first deadline miss. But I shall attempt to make it to 41,666 words tonight.

I've just been informed that I have more time than I thought right now to get this into my word count. But my dilemma is whether or not I work on my novel or the lit review for English tomorrow. Not going to lie, I'll probably do the novel based purely on the fact that I have time between my math class and English class for me to get some work done.

Don't get me wrong, homework is important and I swear I'm not putting it off, I'm just planning out my time. That is after all what all the articles said to do when I was researching how to write a novel successfully in just 30 days.

Now I'm going to go into my mind palace and create a stressful and telling scene.

20 points if you understood the reference in the previous sentence.


Update: I hit the deadline for today in just an hour and a half! Now onto the schoolwork! :D

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