Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Fast Is Too Fast?

I've run into the problem before and I keep worrying about it. Am I making this story line go too fast? What is considered too fast anyway? It's not the beginning of the characters story, it's the beginning of where I wanted to start it. So does that mean there really isn't a way to make it go too fast as a novel?

But I had a long discussion about books today with a friend of mine that really helped me think about how I look at each character and how I want it to end. It was a wonderful conversation. Readers for the win!

We also talked about how many words are on an average page in a normal sized novel. Right now, I have about 685ish words on an 8x11 page. I googled for the answer and it came up around 300 a page. If that's true, as of right this second, I would be around page 95 in a normal sized novel! That's so exciting!

I've actually noticed another fun little side effect from writing so much all the time other than my ability to writer longer passages for school easier. I save my work without realizing it. It's second nature to me now to have my mouse up at the save button and every time there's a pause, I click the save button without realizing it. It's an awesome little superpower I must say.

Today I must get to 30,000 words, that means there's going to only be 20,000 left! How weird is that? Already more than half way done but hitting that mark is going to make it feel more like I'm reaching my goal.

While I was writing last night listening to my writing playlist, I came across a song I was quite fond of so I'll put that right below here for your enjoyment.

Question for the readers:
What's the longest book you've read whether it was for school or for fun?

I think mine was about 870 pages. Kudos if you can figure out what book it was.



  1. The longest book I read was 870 pages. HP OotP :)

  2. I see what you did there :)