Monday, March 5, 2012

Because This Isn't Nerve Wracking

So today I've realized, not reading through my entire story a billion times to catch up and make sure things are going smoothly in my writing is a very hard thing to do. I always used to do that as a part of my writing process but I'm really trying to just write through it and go back through editing later to make sure its the way I want it. But that's very hard for me to do.

My roommate was going to be a book editor for a future job so she's offered to look over my novel so far for me to see if it's going smoothly and making sense. But for that to happen, she's obviously going to have to read it. I get very anxious when people try to read my work unless it's a paper for school or a short story or poem. Well, even for the short stories I get nervous when they read it.

So once I hit my word mark tonight which is 13,333 words, I'll be sending it to her, hopefully getting some positive feedback. I have many worries about my work so far that I have so many excuses for that personally I hope is just the perfectionist in me seeing and isn't completely apparent right now.

But good news, today, I wasn't upset about having to write. It may be because I stopped writing right before a dream sequence and those seem to be my favorite to write. Those and the death scenes. So hopefully, it's not just that. I'm hoping I've gotten over that initial hump of not wanting to commit that I've experienced with nearly all of my other novels I've attempted to write.

Here's a song that I keep listening to that keeps giving me different perspectives on the main characters development.
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  1. I understand. I freak out when people read my work as well. I don't want them to look until its perfect, but without them reading it, it will never be perfect.