Saturday, March 17, 2012

Neverland: Where Time Stands Still

Well I just finished watching Neverland (the syfy original movie) and I adored it. I've always wanted to go to Neverland but now with this project I feel like it would be even better. No time to worry about, I could write whenever I wanted. I could write however long or short I wanted a day and it not matter because there is no time that consumes me. No worries to complete it on a deadline. Adventures await.

I haven't written today just yet, I'm going to start as soon as I publish this post to my blog so right now I'm still only at 31,750. Today's goal is to get to 33,333 words. This one may be just a bit tricky because I'm sort of lost at where to go with this now. I don't have writers block because I can think of directions to take it but either I'm not to fond of them or it conflicts with what I want to happen later in the story. Maybe I'll introduce the new character I've been wanting to work in.

In Neverland there are all of these adventures just waiting to be had, but here there's just the adventures we have to dream about. We can only experience them by writing them and sharing them for others to enjoy. It is a type of adventure but you're not actually there sword fighting with pirates, going back in time, fighting for your life or even using powers to defend the world. Writing is an important thing to do if you want to keep people dreaming and innocent. I only hope that what I'm creating now will keep people just as the lost boys are: innocent and ready for any adventure.

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