Wednesday, March 7, 2012

16,666 For Today: But That's A Lot Of Words!

Today I really have one hour to make it up to 16,666 words before one of my best friends comes over to visit. I'm currently at 15,290 and am almost at the end of the planned out section of the novel. I have no distractions for today because I know I want to get this done so I can spend quality time with someone I never get to see anymore because I'm up at BSU and she's not.

The music and internet being turned off last night really helped so I'm going to end up doing that again.

Because I literally only have one hour left before she gets here, this entry is going to be short unless I decide to add on later, which honestly, I probably wont. So, enjoy your day and for those of you on Spring Break, have fun!


Update: I hit the mark!

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