Friday, March 16, 2012

It's time for a change!

Image found on tumblr, unknown source

For anyone that knows me, they know just how accurate and perfect this image is. Since I'm guessing the majority of you have no clue what this is, it's a Dalek from Doctor who. It's catch phrase is Exterminate because the human race is inadequate. Well, you can see it's obviously saying Procrastinate and is tumblr. If you've been following my blog, you know that that's the major source of my procrastination.

Well, I'd like to change that, the procrastinating I mean. I spend so much time trying to write that just ends up with me procrastinating on tumblr when I could get the writing done and then spend my time reading or planning. So here's a goal for myself, when I know where I'm going in my story, I have two hours to write the daily 1,666 words. If I should fail, well, I don't know what type of punishment I'll have for myself just yet, but giving myself a time limit usually helps. Just like in a past post I talked about only having an hour or so to write before I had my plans start. I got it finished in time so here's hoping it'll work this time too.

Yesterday I was on stumble upon and I found this:
I've been wondering about all of my words choice - if it's effective or catchy, or even making sense. If the word choice makes you hate the main character and love the bad guy. Hopefully this will help me make sense of it all and allow for smoother writing.

I'm afraid I may have hit some type of wall. As of right this second, I'm not quite sure where I want the story to go to next. That's not a good thing in the least. So I plan on spending the next few minutes reading up on what I have so far (not the whole thing of course, just the last chapter) and seeing if I gave any clues to where I was going with this. My planning had stopped just as I finished chapter six part one so here goes the rebirth of how I used to write my novels. Here's to 31,666 word count by tonight! Lets take this anywhere we want to go.

Also, I'm obsessing over this song: