Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Editing Will Be Long

How I approach parts of my story I don't like is that I'll fix it during editing. That's what it's for anyway right? Fix what you don't like, take out what shouldn't belong. I feel like what I wrote last night is going to have a major amount of that editing process. It seems to me as if I just skimmed over the whole thing. Not just because I could or I wasn't feeling too creative, but because there wasn't to much to the time frame of waiting.

I'm debating on actually fixing it now and making it more difficult for my main character. But I feel as if I need to give her time to think through everything. And I gave her some type of story to what makes the jump in time a little bit more approachable.

But in other news I have finally decided what I want to do with the main character at the end. In fact I wrote the very last sentence just today, ready to be lead up to the end. I'm quite fond of the ending even if the people who read it don't like what I do with her. I know I'd be miffed if I was reading a book and it ended the way I'm ending mine, but that's half the fun in writing. Getting the audience to have a reaction.
Picture found on tumblr.
I can only hope that I can make someone have the exact reaction the picture depicts but as of right now I feel like I wont, but that may just me being too hard on myself again. I'll find out during editing when I have to go back through and read it all over again.

Today I'll be getting past 38,333 words and as stated in the previous post, I'll be making sure it goes well beyond that so I don't have to write so much the night of my premiere.



  1. Will the class get to read your book?

    1. meh. probably not because it's in such a rough form right now. But I don't know, maybe a teaser?

  2. I'm going with to the premiere!