Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Choices - Three Days Left

I'm so close to the ending of this project but still a bit away from the ending of this novel unless I make a certain decision today.

I'm not to big on time skips in books because many of them aren't done properly or effectively and that's one of my biggest fears with my novel because I already have a major time skip in the story. I'm now at a crossroads of either using another one for the characters preparations or I could use no time skip and make it more difficult for the characters in their adventure.

Choices choices. 

The problem today with me making choices however is the fact that I don't want to do anything. Everyone's had those blah days where doing anything productive just doesn't sound fun. I've managed to push through those days during this process so far so hopefully I can push through again. Last night was another one of those moments and I managed to hit and pass the word count then.

But I have to make up my mind with the time skip soon or I won't be able to write how I want and may even make my first failed word count which even as I'm writing this I know I won't allow that to happen.

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