Saturday, March 10, 2012

Only 17 Days Left

Today I needed to get to 21,666 words. Well, mission accomplished, and I'm still going. I'm going back to campus tomorrow and I'm so not looking forward to that at all. I like my break, and I love being able to have the freedom of finding time for myself to write whenever I want. And then there's the freedom to find a place that works for me to write in peace and alone.

I've found it's much more difficult for me to write around people and noise and back on campus when I'm sharing a room with someone else and we always have our door open because we're just those kinds of floor mates. But since I have no choice but to return to school with the rest of the student body, I must make time once again when it's available to me.

I much prefer break where I get to sleep in and take up time to write when I want, watch some television, and not have to worry about spending food money within a certain time period if at all. But, that all starts again tomorrow sadly and I'm just going to have to re adapt.


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