Sunday, March 4, 2012

23 More Days Of What Now?

It's only day 7 of writing this novel and as my previous posts have mentioned, I've been losing the desire to write and I'm not to fond of what I put to paper. So today, I've been completely procrastinating and spending my time on tumblr. But lets not forget I've been watching 17 Again and She's The Man.

But I've been writing a little bit too. About a paragraph so far today but I know I wont be going to bed tonight without making it to my 11,666 words. But it's not completely my fault for not wanting to write today. I've been forced to write another school scene. And this one isn't going to end up as acceptable as the last one I had to write.

What I do end up getting onto the word document doesn't seem to meet my standards until a later day and I had forgotten what it was I actually wrote. But I'm that way with pretty much all of my creative writings so it's nothing new to me. Giving it time gives me a chance to look at it with a different perspective so hopefully I'll eventually like what I'm having to write today.

Also, the way this is going, I'm going to have to use all 30 days of this project to make it to the 50,000 word mark and the novel still wont be finished.


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