Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cliche College Day Is Living Up To My Expectations

Yeah, today is a balmy 76 degrees which makes every other college student find their ways out of the dorm rooms and into the light, playing games such as Frisbee, soccer and volleyball. Girls are tanning and boys are running. It's as if we were living in a scene from a movie and I'm sure it's not helping that my roommate and I are laying on a blanket writing in the sun with these antics going on around us.

I've always envisioned college life to be just like this, down to the point of me writing outside in the perfect weather. But because it's perfect weather, before I switched back to my laptop in the shade, I had a pen and paper, it was going to be handwritten for the day until we went back inside and I transferred it over. That wasn't to productive, I wanted to just sit there in the sun and do nothing. But now that we're back on my laptop, it's all fixed. I'm writing and enjoying it.

I realized a few days ago an unexpected result of my writing 1,666 every day at least. I write so much more and so much quicker on papers for school now and it's a good thing. It's improved my filler abilities as well as my vocabulary and descriptive skills that school papers so desperately look for.

I stumbled upon a website that is quite lovely for me to use while writing today. It's and I absolutely adore it. There's a link for writing mood and it's wonderful to have on while I'm continuing in this experience. I recommend you check it out for your daily mood needs.

Today I shall be getting to 28,333 words with ease, I know exactly what I want these next two scenes to say so I will be putting all of my effort into it.

Question for my readers:
What is your favorite book, whether it's popular or not and why? What do you look for in novels?



  1. Favorite book: Obviously any and all of the Harry Potter books. I love books with witches or magic in them. That's pretty much a univeral theme for me. Altough, not all the books I like have witches and magic. I don't really know what else I look for in a book. Just whatever peeks my interest.

  2. I love Freedom Writers, and To Kill a Mockingbird. I couldn't tell you what exactly, I love everything about both of them!