Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reintroducing: Time Management

Spring Break is coming to a close today as I head back to Ball State University to finish out my last two months of the school year. But that doesn't mean that this writing experience is near over, I have to once again manage my time around a schedule while I've gotten so accustomed to having no schedule what so ever here.

It shouldn't be difficult seeing as I've easily done it before, but that doesn't mean I'm going to like it, or be quiet about it. My roommate is surely to hear some small complaints thrown out here and there and for that, I'll apologize right now to her. But it's bound to happen. Writing this much all the time while meeting deadlines every day so you don't get put behind and lost completely is rather stressful in and of itself. Lord knows I don't need any more random gray hairs.

But I'm enjoying this beautiful weather by sitting in a room writing on a computer screen. But, my window is open completely and I get that wonderful breeze in here which is very calming which helps me write. The sound of nature and silence is also just as much of a contributor to me getting today's deadline finished.

I'm finishing up on most of the back story for the villain in my novel today and weird to say, I'm actually liking the bad guy a little bit more than the good guys. That may have a strong effect on whether or not I do sacrifice a main character or two at the end like I've been wanting to do since before I started writing it. Only 1,089 left for me to meet tonight's deadline and I'll be a happy camper :)

Here's a song I love to listen to that keeps me writing when I don't feel the need or desire to.

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