Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weighing In At 118 Pages With 68,907 Words We Have A Special!

Oh hey, I forgot to mention.


That's right! I finished it! Completed it!

I'm in the editing process as we speak and there's some funny things about this.

1. I accidentally created a major parallel between the family members and it's so cool!

2. I forgot some information when I was adding on the ending so I have to go through at the end to fix it up to make complete sense.

3. I finished writing it the day the final battle was set. January 25, 2013. I had accidentally written the dates up to that so the final battle was set to that date. Ironically I finished putting the ending on at 11:43pm on January 25, 2013.

But my editing process is wonderful and I'm actually enjoying my story but you know, still criticizing myself because it's my work. However, I take pride in knowing that I have tons of people wanting to read it, and one that is so into it she hates that she has to wait to finish reading it until I'm done with the first level of editing. She also keeps telling me I'm in league with Steven Moffat and JK Rowling! :D

Yeah, I killed off quite a few awesome characters and some not so awesome ones but you know, such is life right? :)

The last few entries I make on this blog are going to be for the editing process and hopefully my submission to publication!

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