Thursday, December 13, 2012


As you know, this project that created this blog has long been over. But that doesn't mean that my novel is done. In fact, I'm still writing the ending to it. There was a break for a while with me leaving it to grow musty. I did however edit what I had over the summer.

I absolutely loved editing it! I had forgotten so much that had gone on in the story before hand and I was so proud of myself for writing what I thought was really well done!

In fact, this past semester at school, this one's nearly done (one day to go!), I had a friend read it all the way through. The last person I had read it didn't make it very far before break, but she didn't seem to interested in reading it anyway. But this one, Melody, devoured it! She helped me edit, pointed out mistakes, gave her input, and the like. She was very much an editor which I sorely needed at that point in the story.

Melody gave me a deadline to have this novel finished. I intend on keeping that deadline for many reasons, but the biggest two are because a) she's not coming back to this school next semester and b) I want to get this sucker finished.

I have until Christmas. Maybe I'll even post once a day like I did with the project to keep me focused! Lightning just struck. And oh yeah, that was a pun. Not sure if I told you guys the title of my book!

When Lightning Strikes.

Happy Holidays xx

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