Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 2: Goal: 3,333 words

Todays scene inspired by: Fantasy - 30 Seconds To Mars
Video found on youtube
Question: What do you think this song is inspiring for my novel?

Today is such a beautiful day I barely want to actually sit down and write something at a desk in a room. But, because I seem to be limited to my short laptop battery, I wouldn't be able to get everything I wanted done in that amount of time. But the conflicting part of me is really excited to actually get this story rolling, which luckily, is the side that won out. That and the fact that I gave myself the same deadline of word counts that NaNoWriMo sets for all its participants.

Day 1 deadline was to have 1,666 words, which I accomplished last night. In fact, I  was able to make it to 1,820 words even with my head start which was a good thing I had because without it, I wouldn't have been able to make that deadline. I kept getting distracted by everything around me. But it wasn't completely useless for the extra 715 words actually put into my novel, I was able to create an outline for the next three chapters that I'm quite happy with as well as a new title for the novel.

So here's to hoping I can make it to my newest word deadline tonight, 3,333 words while keeping up with my already made plans and social life!

One last question: How do you feel about authors killing off their main characters?



  1. Only hobags kill off their main characters... But I am quite fond of hobags...

  2. Depends. Very much depends.